Best LED Gaming Monitors

The best gaming monitor for action games would be the one that can bring the best gaming experience visually. Usually, the best gaming monitors around are LED backlit, but you can still find a good LCD backlit gaming monitor.

It must have the response time of 3 ms or less and can offer such options through which you can adjust colors and game settings. Whereas there is another reason for which gamers prefer to buy these monitors, i.e. the flexibility they are offered with gaming monitors. There must be a resolution of at least 1920 x 1080 for a good gaming monitor and a delicate screen by which you can get a realistic picture view.

This post features the top 5 best  led  gaming monitors in 2011 according to  technical details  and value. All monitors are highly rated among gamers and entertainment  you can get a general idea about them.


ASUS VE278Q 27-Inch LED Monitor Review

***Highly Rated Among Customers


The Asus VE278Q by Asus mixes visual excitement with modern sophistication. Powered by LED backlight technology, the 27-inch monitor delivers sharp, true-to-life images through speedy 2ms response time and ASUS Smart Contrast Ratio that dynamically adjusts the display’s contrast ratio according to the image content, up to an astonishing 10,000,000:1. Full HD 1080P native resolution and HDMI & DisplayPort inputs bring you into a spectacular world of colors, no matter what you are watching – thanks to Asus exclusive Splendid Video Intelligence Technology.

ASUS VE278Q Reivew


AI Light function enables VE278Q to automatically adjust to lower brightness and make your eyes feel more comfortable in the dim environment. Furthermore, it helps save 25% in power consumption. For versatile use, VE278Q is also embedded with rich I/O ports such as DVI, D-Sub and3.5mmaudio & earphone jacks. Picture in Picture function displays 2 different signals simultaneously via a simple push of the PIP hotkey. Built with green in mind, It provide a 3 year parts and labor warranty.


Viewsonic VX2753MH-LED 27-Inch Computer Monitor Review

***Perfect Mix of Value/Specifications


Pros:best gaming monitor - ViewSonic VX2753MH review

ViewSonic VX2753MH has a native Full HD 1920 x 1080 resolution., a viewable Size of 27 inches, ultra-thin monitor and a response time 1ms for optimal image quality. With this amazing monitor you can get an anti-glare end, a contrast ratio of 1200:1 (30,000,000:1 dynamic)., a brightness rating of 300cd/m² as well as 170°/160° viewing angles. A weight of10.4 lb (4.7kg), a VGA port and two HDMI ports for obvious connectivity add some more advance facilities to it. An automatic aspect ratio adjustment makes it sure that 4:3content is projected truly on the LCD, affirming the absence of any sort of distortion., built-in speakers with SRS Premium Sound producing audible, rich sound.One understated benefit of purchasing a Viewsonic monitor is that they come with a standard 3 year parts and labor warranty with Viewsonic’s industry leading Pixel Performance Guarantee.


Cons: The Viewsonic VX2753MH-LED is not height adjustable (it is tilt Down -5°, Up 20°) although the bookstand option helps with this if you’re trying to lower it. No DVI.


Samsung S27A350H 27-Inch LED Monitor Review

*** Wider Viewing Angle


At first glance, your eyes will be amazed by the crystal-clear picture quality no matter which angle you look at it. Then the impressive energy efficient features take over. Features like Eco Saving allow you to control how much energy the monitor consumes through an easy-to-use interface and the benefits don’t stop there.

Samsung-S27A350H review

The design features Samsung’s ultra-thin touch of color look. The incredible picture is bolstered by its specifications which include a 2ms response time, 1,000,000:1 dynamic contrast ratio, and 1920 x 1080 resolution and it’s one of the best overall in quality we’ve seen on a TN panel monitor. Connectors include DVI and HDMI.


Cons: Samsung S27A350H is slightly more expensive than other TN panel LED monitors in its category. For the price we would have liked to see a warranty longer than the standard 1 year parts and labor.


OverAll:Samsung S27A350H contains all of the key features that you would expect from a premium LED Monitor like an ultra-thin profile, stylish Touch of Color finish, and the latest features like HDMI connectivity for HD video that will make S27A350H the center of attention.


Viewsonic VX2453MH-LED 24-Inch Ultra-thin Widescreen LED Monitor Review

*** Ultra-thin WidescreenViewsonic VX2453MH review


ViewSonic’s VX2453mh-LED features an LED backlight 24″ (23.6″ viewable) ultra-thin widescreen monitor with up to 40% energy savings compared to a regular 24″ monitor. Environmentally friendly mercury free VX2453mh-LED offers Full HD 1920×1080 resolution, two HDMI inputs, external power supply, 2ms response time, 30,000,000:1 MEGA dynamic contrast ratio, book stand option and SRS Premium Sound. Ideal for gaming with a glossy black finish.


The aspect ratio adjustment feature automatically senses the input single and will not stretch a 4:3 signal but instead will position the image in the middle of the screen with side bars. A 3 year warranty, the industry’s best pixel performance policy, energy saving Eco-mode and Windows 7 certification, make Viewsonic VX2453mh-LED a great long term investment.


ASUS ML248H 24-Inch 1920×1080 LED Monitor Review

***Exclusive Ring Stand


The ASUS ML248H is a Full HD 1080p display with LED backlight and innovative design that you’ll love at the first sight – exclusive ring stand, alluring high glossy piano-black bezel with glittering pearl finish, ultra-slim16.5mm profile and LED touch-sensor buttons, making the ML248H the centerpiece of every living space.ASUS ML248H review


Technical Details:

Asus Smart Contrast Ratio ASCR 10,000,000:1,1920 x 1080 resolution, 2ms response time,250 cd/m2 brightness,  D-Sub, HDMI connectors, and a 3 year parts and labor warranty.


Overall: The  Asus  ML248H is probably the cheapest 24 inch LED 2ms gaming monitor that you’ll choose and it’s still gotten best reviews.



We hope that you have enjoyed this information.If you didn’t find what you were looking for, then we recommend you look in Top 10 LED Gaming Monitors tab for more best gaming monitorand if you have a question or feedback, then please use the comment section below.

The Emergence of the Pocket Projector for iPhone

The Pocket projector for iPhone is relatively a new electronic device that thrills the people who like to enjoy the stuff stored in their iPhone or Smartphone at a larger display. The massive popularity of these tiny little useful portable devices shows that there is always a need for that kind of display solution, and the boom comes with the demand of these handheld projectors when the manufacturers hit he different segment of the society by providing different type of portable pocket projectors for different customers according to their specific needs. The launch of pocket projectors is a godsend for the people who remain on the move constantly and yet they want a display solution. These pocket projectors, that are often referred as mobile projectors, handheld projectors, Pico projectors, and mini beamer are just the size of your Smartphone, and can produce a large display by using a number of data sources. These tiny little devices are extremely useful for personal as well as professional use as these are not only available at the affordable prices, but these devices are also easy to set up. You can enjoy the power of larger display simply from anywhere, at any time.

Convenience of Connectivity

A pocket projector for iPhone is not just convenient because of its amazingly small size, but, this very useful portable device has a variety of other useful features. You can use a range of different data sources with this pocket projector, and this adds the convenience for the users that do not want to rely on a single data source for their display solution. The most of the latest models of such portable device are supported by the USB connectivity, and MicroSD card connectivity. This simply means you can store your personal or professional stuff in your USB or micro SD card and then connect it with this small projector to enjoy the power of a larger display. Some of these newly introduced models of the Pico projectors have their built-in internal memory; therefore, you can play your movies, videos, pictures, and PowerPoint Slides directly from the projector itself without connecting anything. You can also get the HDMI connectivity option in some of these newly released models of the portable projectors. This means you can directly connect this projector to your DVD player, gaming console, and with your iPhone through the HDMI port.

 Performance of the Pico Projectors

Some people have a mis perception that these tiny little devices cannot perform as well as traditional projectors, but you must keep in mind that it was true only when these portable projectors are introduced first time. Now the technology has developed, and manufacturers have invested in these devices in terms of money and manpower to make the image quality as good as in the traditional larger projectors. With the help of DLP display technology you can get the brighter the picture, even better than the traditional projectors.   The image quality also depends on the lighting conditions as if you have ideal lighting conditions, you can even produce a decent image with a low quality pocket size projector. You have to consider a few important things before purchasing the pocket sized projectors in order to get the best image quality even in the worst lighting conditions. These things include the number of Lumens, throw ratio, contrast ratio, resolution, through distance, and number of pixels. Another important thing that you need to consider is the number of audiences you are expecting for your meeting, or presentation. If you are expecting a large, or medium sized audiences, you have to select a more powerful Pico projector.

All the above mentioned discussion shows that these small portable devices are the ideal display solution for a variety of personal as well as professional uses. This device is ideal for your professional PowerPoint presentations, small meetings, mobile office, and sales presentations. Besides that, you can also use these handheld projectors for your home use in order to see the personal videos, movies, music videos on a large display with the convenience to connect it to any data device. If you are a person who love to play games, the good news for you is, you can play your games at a large display with the help of this portable projector. Besides all these useful features, still the Unique Selling Proposition for these handheld devices is the size. You can easily put these tiny devices in the pocket of your coat, or even in the pant pocket. You can also carry these devices in your laptop case anywhere you want to go. The diminutive size, and a huge choice of connectivity options gives you the power of share your stuff without facing any kind of barriers. You can simply love to use this device, and increase your efficiency within no time.

Inspection on merits of pocket projector for iPhone 5

Recent reverie on  iPhone 5 projector aim at showing how far technology has gone to bring new abilities to do things more efficiently and effectively. A few years back we knew of only optical devices that would project and display bigger images with the operation of a computer laptop. However, with the advancement of electronic technology, one can be able to do the same with uncomplicated device like Smartphone. This is a milestone in technological advancement which seems unbelievable but actually true. With this, Apple device and also mini iPad tablet, one may share photos, videos and research presentations with people around them like relatives or any other audience like a class of pupils.

A look at the features of this device shows that it has the best representations compare to other similar equipments. It is able to illuminate with led technology which refers to light emitting diodes to display quality materials for sharing. It can use battery power as a backup in case the user ran out of power while using the device. Therefore, with or without electricity within that instance, one could be able to project their phone content since the power available can push for some time and the best part of it that the cell batteries that come with them are rechargeable. It has improved from the shortcomings that people pointed out with the iPhones 4 whereby the device used would make the phone gadget to heat a lot as it is not the case with this new brand.

Usually, the different models of this device which are used with the Apple gadget are small in size. The laptop one as commonly seen is big enough needing to be carried in a bag over small distances and positioned in order to work. For iPhone 5 projector, things are different. With its small size of approximately 0.180 kilograms is actually carried with ease within the pocket of the user. This means it can be carried even for far distances and be used without any difficulty. The small size is also important as the device is held in the hand all the time when in use as it would not affect the user with the weight. It does not affect the phone with the weight as one can operate normally as if without the device.

Students are always given research work by their teachers to work on and later present it to them. Also for masters and PhD students it is needed of them to do project work and present thesis and defend it before a panel of academicians towards degree and doctorate awards. They would find the device very important to use in making the presentations as it is easy and simple to operate. It is however most useful with lecturers and teachers. For various categories of learners, teaching needs to be aided by means of diagrammatic representations and illustrations which can be made by use of this electronic machine. The teacher then would use them to present everything to them in a big display instead of manually copying and drawing the necessary diagrams which take time and is tiresome.

Another target for iPhone 5 projector is the group which fancy in gaming and watching movies. It is ideal for this group for many reasons as provided by the device. The quality of the led display makes the graphics to appear super great. The bid display is the best experience one could imagine while playing the games. One could play from any position they like for example playing using the ceiling while sleeping facing upwards on the bed. Movies also appear great to watch with the quality. The big images are also breathtakingly beautiful and one would not get tired of watching. Therefore, this pocket device can be used by the user to watch movies anywhere in the comfort of the user.

To end with, the device has all the praise that one cannot finish to talk about since it has shown great advantages and features. Every Smartphone user needs to make it their best friend by obtaining it and making use of its best features. Do not sit back and hear from others but get one as there are available with online orders that may give you free shipping. Alternatively, visit the stores that sell iPhone 5 projector as they are many in various countries of the world.

Suitability of iPhone projector in the globe of commerce

There are so many diverse ways to use an iPhone projector, but did you ever think that using one could actually alliterate stress and aid in relaxing you after a long day? There are numerous ways that using technology can help you unwind; however, there is no reason to accumulate various pieces of technology anymore because you are now enabled to enjoy all of your favorite little technological luxurious items all enrolled into one convenient piece of technology.


iphone pico projector

Take a moment to consider the most hectic day you’ve had in a while. This could have been any day, any possibility such as a stressful day at work, your children testing you, general stress over bills or other financial woes, a day where everything simply went wrong, or a day where seemingly everything you touched seemed to fall apart. We have all had days like these that threaten our sanity and make us extremely tense and overly stressed, and when you experience days such as these, you will truly enjoy having an iPhone projector because it will most definitely come in handy. With each day comes new problems that need be addressed quickly and faced head on to resolve them before stumbling onto the next potential problem that you may or may not have to face. With each day’s tests and trials it is far too easy to become overwhelmed and become consumed with negativity and stress. Thankfully, there are multiple ways to unwind and let every tension causing you woe to drift away and leave you feeling at ease and obtain a peaceful night sleep to prepare you for the following day.


If your favorite way to unwind is to go to a movie theater and sink yourself into an alternate reality, momentarily allowing you to forget everything reality has dealt you, but you don’t seem to have the time or money to go as regularly as you would like, there is a way to enjoy this each and every night. When using an iPhone projector you can enjoy cinema like quality while lying in the comfort of your bed. The projector allows you to stream movies directly from your iPhone and project them onto your wall or ceiling to make for a comforting night at the movies without ever having to leave the comfort of your home. This awesome benefit will also come in handy when your children don’t feel well and want to watch movies because they will feel extra special and pampered while getting to watch their favorite movies cinema style while lying in bed. However, if going to the movies isn’t exactly your preferred method of unwinding, you may enjoy a scenic view. Imagine being able to enjoy a sunset on the beach from your home. Believe it or not, a simple projection from your phone can make this possible. You could project the image from your iPhone onto the wall while soaking in a hot bath and listening to your favorite music. There truly is no better way to relax your muscles and simply get lost in the music playing softly in the background. A beautiful scenic projection can make this experience much more enjoyable and relaxing. Along with these two great stress relieving techniques, your projector can do so much more. The options are amazingly numerous and convenient.


All in all, using a pico projector can be a great stress relieving tool with amazing results. There are numerous methods of stress relief and relaxation, and finding one that works well for you is important. Stress is very harmful to your body and mind and using an iPhone projector is a great way to alleviate stress, relax, and even save money.


Best Gaming Monitor for Xbox 360

Nowadays, computers are equipped with almost all advanced facilities. Not only you can perform your daily routine tasks on it but can also use it for fun and entertainment. Although you can play different animated games on your computer with simple monitor, but the facilities and amusement that you can get with a best gaming monitor cannot be achieved from any other monitor. These monitors allow you to use all comprehensive gaming features as well as provide you a complete source of enjoyment. This article reflects some of these gaming monitor for Xbox 36.

It is very important to check the specifications of the gaming monitor for Xbox 360 that you will be going to buy. A good gaming monitor for Xbox 360 must have a resolution of 1920×1080. Not only this, the monitor should have a quick response time so that you can get full gaming advantage. The best gaming monitor for Xbox 360 should support HDMI connectors so that you can connect them with other devices as well. When purchasing the gaming monitor for Xbox 360, the best gaming monitor would be the one with the lowest response time and the monitors with IPS technology. The IPS technology ascertains that no matter what angle you view your screen from the images on the screen look crisp. Another thing to take care of is the refresh rate. The best gaming monitor for Xbox 360 in case of 3D should have a very high frequency. When the 3D content is displayed the refresh rate is halved. This means a 240 Hz would actually mean 120 Hz.

This article will help you understand and distinguish different types of monitors for Xbox 360 and also provide you a general idea about different gaming monitors and their salient features.

Samsung S27A550H 27-Inch Class LED Monitor – Black

With this product, Samsung has really outdone itself. It makes use of the hugely popular and demanded LED technology. The screen is an amazing 27 inches. The colors and contrast are very sharp. It has a resolution of 1080p; this is a much liked resolution for games. It has the latest ISP technology which means if you tend to move with your controllers, no worries your game won’t be affected. It comes fitted with eco sensors; the eco motion sensor and eco light sensor. It also has the HDMI port which helps connect it to various things including gaming systems.

Salient features:

The Samsung S27A550H 27 is no doubt one of the best gaming monitors available. It houses a 27 inch screen. It weighs 9.5 pounds. It has an awesome and a much preferred resolution of 1920*1080. It has a contrast ratio of 5000000:1. Its response time is 2 ms. Its dimensions with the stand are 648 483 258 (W H D) and without the stand are 648 399 69 (W H D). Its brightness is 250 cd/m2, viewing angle 170(H) 160 (V). it also supports 16.7 million colors. The input video signals are of two types HDMI and D-sub. Its power consumption is 40 W, 0.5 W when on stand by and it uses an external adaptor. It has a simple display stand which can tilt

HP 2711x 27-Inch LED Monitor – Black

It is a very innovative model brought to the market by HP. Their screen size, LED technology, short response time and high contrast ratio help to make it one of the best gaming monitors available.

Salient features:

It has a 27 inch LED screen display, a resolution of 1920*1080, a dynamic contrast ratio of 3000,000:1 and  a atypical contrast ration of 1000:1, brightness of 250 nits, pixel pitch of 0.3114 mm, response rate of 5 ms. It has a VGA signal input and connectors of DVI-D and HDMI, viewing angle of 170 (H) 160 (V), BrightView technology that helps reduce glare, detachable base, power rating of 40W and it can tilt (-5 to 25). The weight of the product is 12.6 pounds. You can an amazing and dazzling image quality with the help of this monitor.
Viewsonic VX2453MH-LED 24-Inch Ultra-thin Widescreen LED Monitor

This 24 inch LED monitor has two HDMI inputs and a 2ms response time only and an amazing contrast ratio of 3000, 000: 1. It has an anti-glare screen, which is perfect for gaming. Its integrated speakers with the SRS Premium Sound Technology and its other features make it a worthwhile gain. All of these features help it to be classified amongst the best gaming monitor.

Salient features:

It has a 24 inch LCD screen, a resolution of 1920*1080, a contrast of 1000:1 (typical) and 3000,000:1 (dynamic), viewing angle 170(H) 160(V), a very small response time of 2 ms, brightness of 300 cd /m2, anti-glare surface, analog input of RGB and digital HDMI input, 15 pin mini D sub,3-pin AC plug, Audio In (3.5 mm jack) and Audio Out (3.5 mm jack), typical power consumption of 24 W, a dimension of 22.6 16.9 7.7 and weighs 4.1 Kg.



ASUS ML248H 24-Inch 1920×1080 LED Monitor

The 27 inch LED monitor is known for its great crisp display with a stunning resolution of 10,000,000:1. Its size and picture quality help to elevate this monitor into the category of one of the best gaming monitors. This monitor is also known for providing a complete gaming experience for Xbox 360 and people are giving much priority to this monitor over others.

Salient features:

the ASUS ML248H has an LCD display with TFT active matrix, a dimension of 22.7in 8.7in 17in(W D H), a pixel pitch of 0.265 mm, a resolution of 1920*1080, response time 2ms, the ability to be tilted and swiveled, a tilt angle of 25, VGA and HDMI signal input, image aspect ratio is 16:9, an image brightness of 250 cd /m2, when dynamic an image contrast ratio of 10,000,000:1, viewing angle of 170(H) 160(V) and it also has an HDMI video input. Its power consumption is 30 W when operating and 1 W when on stand by.

Samsung S24A350H 24-Inch Class LED Monitor

This Samsungs model would definitely gather some gamer’s attention because of the absolutely stunning display that can be viewed not only from a head on position but from various other positions. Its 24 inch screen with LED technology and 1080p resolution makes it very alluring to gamers all around.

Salient features:

The Samsung S24A350H has a 24 inch display, with a brightness of 250 cd /m2, 1920*1080 resolution display, response time of 2ms, a viewing angle by 170(H) 160(V), display color support of 16.7 million, weight of 3.9 kg, has the latest eco saving technology integrated into the system, a D-SUB and HDMI input video signal, D-SUB and HDMI input, dimension of 578.6 438.7 239.2 mm (with stand) and a dimension of 578.6 359.1 59.2 mm (without stand), power consumption of 27 Watts when working and a power consumption of 0.5 W when on stand by.


We hope that you have well understood what types of gaming monitors are used for Xbox and what types of facilities you can get with these monitors. We know that you liked this article and would also want to know more about different types of monitors, their usage and features. Keep reading on our gaming reviews and get latest ideas on latest monitor technology and select a suitable peace for you!

Best 27 LED Monitor – Apple LED Cinema Display 27-Inch MC007LL/A Review

The LED Cinema Display 27-Inch MC007LL/A is yet another terrific product of Apple which is already known in the field of electronics because of its awesome products. Aided with a screen size of 27 inches, a 2560×1440 resolution, best viewing angles and has 16:9 aspect ratio, this product is being known as an inconceivable LED gaming monitor.

Here are some of the salient features of this monitor.Best 27 LED Monitor – Apple LED Cinema Display 27-Inch MC007LL/A Review

It has a screen size of 27 inches, a response time of 1 ms, a compatibility to Mac, a resolution of 2560-x1440, a backlight of LED sort, a viewing angle of 178 degrees, a connector that is capable of charging laptop (MagSafe sort), a small impact port ensuring convenient connectivity, a hub of 3 universal serial bus ports, been aided with an already present iSight camera, a microphone, a speaker system having 49watts power supply, a light emitting diode impact composed of aluminum and glass, an additional connectivity to Mac systems having small impact hub, an aspect ratio of 16:9 and a widescreen display and a weight of 23.5 pounds.

Advanced Features

The most amazing aspect of Apple LED Cinema Display 27-Inch MC007LL/A is its connectivity to Mac with small impact hub to light emitting diode cinema display ensuring an outstanding impact quality. The user owes a widescreen vision of 27 inches with a contrast ratio like they observe in the cinemas.


Apple LED Cinema Display 27-Inch MC007LL/A has a screen size of 27 inches. The monitor has been designed with the perfect combination of glass and aluminum so as to ensure the recyclable features and hence conserve the environment. The lusty end of this LED gaming monitor gives deep black and pleasant colors to the snaps and videos. It has a height of 19.35 inches, a width of 25.7 inches and a depth of 8.15 inches including the stand.


The Apple LED Cinema Display 27-Inch MC007LL/A Monitor can be shipped and purchase thought the USA and so far, it is not allowed to ship outside the country. Different other monitor accessories are also included with this monitor which can be bought according to your choice.

Consumer Reviews

This Apple product has an excellent response from the consumers so far. Keeping in view its extraordinary response time of 1 ms makes this product the most suitable option for the video editors and the persons who are fond of playing games.


Apple LED Cinema Display 27-Inch MC007LL/A Monitor has been designated as the best LED gaming monitor because of its unusual features. Available in minimum affordable cost price of 999 dollars, it lies in easy approach of its each and every lover.

If you need more detail about  Best 27 LED Monitor, then visit best 27 inch monitor  for extra information.

Samsung 27 Monitor – S27A350H Review

The S27A350H 27-Inch Class LED Monitor, world’s one of the best gaming monitor has an outstanding impact quality that renders you speechless. It has fixed the boundaries of monitors to be used just with computers only. It can be used for watching Television shows, programs, movies and for paying games. Keeping in view the ever increasing demand of energy and its shortage, this Samsung product has been powered with such features, which reduces its power consumption to almost 40 percent of the conventional monitors or LCD displays. Reduction of its size to the minimum possible one has further made it the world’s best LED gaming monitor.


Samsung S27A350H 27-Inch Class LED Monitor has:

Best gaming Monitor - Samsung S27A350H 27-Inch Class LED Monitor Review

Samsung S27A350H

 The desired screen size of 27 inches

A 1920×1080 resolution

A 300cd/m2 brightness ratio

A least possible response time of 2ms

A Mega dynamic contrast sort

170°/160° viewing angles

16.7Mcolor support

A Mac compatibility

A cabinet style

A stand of tilted sort

A thickness of16.5 mm

DVI and HDCP display connectors


Following can be considered as the main highlights of the product.

Image quality

Samsung S27A350H 27-Inch Class LED Monitor owes some of the built in features that differs it from the other monitors. It is aided with a Light Emitting Diode technology that provides such a superstardom picture quality that it leaves its viewers almost speechless. Provided with vivid images and using rich colors it produces picture quality, the best of its sorts. More over the size being reduced to the minimum possible 16.5 mm, it adds beauty to the desk on which it is placed. It is so light weighted that can be easily handled and lifted. These configurations make Samsung S27A350H 27-Inch Class LED Monitor the best LED gaming monitor.


Structure and design

Samsung S27A350H 27-Inch Class LED Monitor possesses the Samsung touch of color (ToC). It has been made with a reddish black style of cabinet sort. It has a screen size of 27 inches (16:9). More over it is having a stand tail at the bottom of it which generates a hook. This arrangement aids to keep the power cables in their place, thus preventing the havocs of the tangling of cables and resulting messes. This helps to keep the desk remain tidy, giving a pleasant impact to the over all sight.



The Samsung Company is so contended with their product S27A350H 27-Inch Class LED Monitor that it comes with a warranty period of a whole year. A complete assistance is provided also through emails or some toll free numbers contained in the booklet which is given along with, thus bringing full contentment to their customers.


Consumer Reviews

An outstanding feedback has been provided till now regarding this product. It is thought to be purchased having complete confidence in the results and the absence of any technical faults in it.




The Samsung S27A350H 27-Inch Class LED Monitor is the best LED gaming monitor for use at homes or at offices. It comes in a very suitable and easily affordable price, in the range of every single person who aims to buy it. This Samsung product has left its predecessor far behind this race.


Viewing its cons, this monitor has exceeded its previous versions, as regards the brightness and eco friendly aspects. Hence, this LED gaming monitor is most likely to suit the requirements of most of the consumers.

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